Vertical Lift

Vertical Lift Doors are designed for heavy-duty applications that have limited side room.


Door Engineering’s Vertical Lift door systems can be manufactured more than 100 feet wide and as tall as specified. There is flexibility in the sheeting materials, which is well suited for special architectural surface treatments.

Vertical Lift doors are available in single and multi-panel configurations depending on the door size and available headroom. These systems are well suited for harsh environments such as mining and heavy equipment facilities, as well as unique applications like blast doors, pool dividers, boat storage, convention centers, high security entrances and aircraft hangars.

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Advanced Design

This door system utilizes an overhead or floor mounted drive unit with counterweight support that vertically lifts and stacks the doors above the door opening. This can be operated with the counterweight or electrically. It is fabricated from structural steel shapes and cold formed steel girts and is factory sheeted with a minimum of 16-gauge flat sheeting.

Superior Performance

Secure operating movement is guaranteed with a manual disconnect in power failure situations. Limit switches automatically stop the door in the fully open or fully closed position, although the doors may be stopped at any point of travel. This system, which is built strong for heavy duty applications, is also complete with safety edges, photo eyes, side tracks, door framing, side rollers or guides and wire rope and a pre-wired electrical control panel with a push button station.


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