About Us

Door Solutions for 50 years

Door Engineering and Manufacturing has been providing customized industrial, commercial, aviation and specialty door solutions for 50 years. Our experienced team will ensure superior engineering and design as well as quick and seamless installation.

Door Engineering allows architects immense design flexibility by offering both customized and pre-engineered door system options, along with a variety of aesthetically pleasing fabrication and finishing alternatives. Door Engineering’s door systems are not only built for long-lasting durability, but also for low maintenance, speed and safety.

Due to multiple-industry experience, Door Engineering has knowledge of obstacles our customers might face. We meet our customer’s specific standards by building doors that look and function unlike any others.

Company History

Door Engineering and Manufacturing, Inc. was founded in 1966 by Otis Olson. Initially specializing in four-fold door systems for industrial and commercial markets, the Minneapolis, MN company soon expanded to aviation and other unique/specialty door industries. In 1979, the organization moved to a location in Kasota, MN before moving to their current location in Mankato, MN. The already growing product line increased to include fire-rated door systems in 2003 when Door Engineering and Manufacturing, Inc. purchased American Metal Door.

An investment consortium purchased Door Engineering and Manufacturing, Inc. from the Olson family in 2004 and changed the name to Door Engineering and Manufacturing, LLC. Today, with nearly 10,000 door systems worldwide and 50 years of experience, Door Engineering continues to be an industry leader in industrial, commercial, aviation and specialty door solutions.