Retrofit Parts

Please contact us for customized options, replacement needs or for a complete listing of all of Door Engineering’s parts and components.


  • Standard 1/8” and 1/16” thick EPDM.
  • Steel and plastic binding available.
  • Custom cut per your request.

Safety Edge Kits

  • Custom options available.


  • Replacement and retro-fit operators
  • Operator components and motor reducers
  • Motors and brake motors


  • Push Button Stations: available in 2-button, 2-button keyed, 3-button and 3-button keyed with NEMA 4 or NEMA 7 rating.
  • Limit Switches: Lever arm and plunger style, snap acting limit switches with NEMA 12/13 through 7 ratings. Limit switch cams also available.
  • Junction Boxes: NEMA 12/13 through NEMA 7 rating.
  • Pre-Wired Control Panels: Standard Relay Logic, also available PLC, VFD and Soft Start.
  • Electrical Feed Rail and Fittings: Housings, fittings, conductors and all related hardware.
  • Draped S/O Cord: Hangers and components.


  • Control Arms
  • Trolley
  • Tracks
  • Hinges
  • Top Rollers
  • Stay Rollers
  • Wheels/ Housing
  • Wire Rope
  • Bumper Assemblies

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