Hydraulic Door

Next Generation Hydraulic Door Systems

The HD Hydraulic Door from Door Engineering outlasts and outperforms ALL hydraulically operated doors on the market. This hydraulic door is a single panel door system designed exclusively for Aviation applications. Our doors are produced for both new and existing structures and come standard with our exclusive submersible hydraulic pump for ultra quiet operation. Also available, our Smart Door® Technology upgrade allows for a soft-start open and close that is unique to this hydraulic door.

hydraulic door

Benefits of Adding Smart Door Technology To Your Door

  • Simple one touch door operation eliminates need for continuous button hold
  • Proportional valves allow for soft start/stop, creating a smooth open & close motion
  • Soft start/stop reduces fatigue on door components & helps equalize pressure inside the building when door starts opening
  • Outputs for lights, alarms & security for easy integration into your building controls
  • Courtesy output with 5-minute timer for convenient activation of auxiliary lighting
  • Allows door to be easily stopped in any position & then opened or closed as desired
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Standard Benefits

  • Quiet Operation
  • Lower Energy Consumption
  • Worry-free Operation in Cold Environments
  • Low Maintenance
  • Lower Cost of Ownership
  • Electrical Service Flexibility
  • Safety Upgrades Available

Standard Features

  • Engineered with a submersible hydraulic pump design
  • Filtration system offers a 10 year worry-free maintenance
  • Maintenance free - 10 years or 10,000 cycles
  • All-in-one valve manifold for compact, durable, leak-free operation
  • Composite reservoir eliminates rust
  • Sealed "easy view" oil level indicator
  • Motors available as 120/240 VAX -1 Phase or 480 V 3 Phase, all made in USA
  • Safety edges
  • Photo Eyes
  • Warning horns/lights


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