Bottom Rolling

Door Engineering and Manufacturing’s Bottom Rolling doors are the most popular and valued hangar door systems available today!

Ideal for aircraft hangar doors

One of the most popular designs offered. Our bottom rolling hangar doors are available in a number of configurations, including uni-directional, bi-parting, independent, and "Smart Rail". The variety of options allows this door system to fit any hangar facility from Fixed Based Operation Facilities to Government Installations.

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Architectural flexibility is once again awarded here as multiple configurations are available. Each door section is bottom rolling and top guided. Configurations include: uni-directional, bi-parting, individually operated, 3-way traveling group and anchored group systems. These options allow you to choose what will best fit your needs. With the Bottom Rolling system, there is also the choice of bumper pick-up or cable-reeving opening and closing system.

Bottom Rolling hangar doors are an excellent application for corporate, FBO, charter and airline hangars. By working closely with architects, contractors and owners, we can manufacture a system that meets your specific needs or can retro-fit to meet the needs of an existing structure.

Advanced Design

Bottom Rolling hangar doors are manufactured for any size opening. True telescoping top roller assemblies can be fabricated to tolerate almost any header deflection requirements. The factory-installed, dual opposing bulb vertical weather seals provide dramatically superior sealing in comparison to single or dual-flap weather seals. Internal wiring to the powered door section is completed and tested at the factory.

Plus, no release of the electric motor shaft brake is required. The electric motor single-lever disengage completely separates the motor drive assembly from the drive wheel for non-powered operation. The draped S/O cord is equipped with looped thimbles factory set to match up with cord hangar brackets.

Top guides and quick set bottom rails are shipped in factory-fabricated sub-assemblies with bottom rail forms included in every project. Additionally, to offer quick assembly and straightforward installation, door sections can be delivered to jobsite in factory-fabricated, modular assemblies depending on design.

Superior Performance

The Bottom Rolling hangar door system is built to endure massive wind loads and withstand strong weather conditions. The poly foam filled vertical weather seal bulbs offer the tightest, most reliable all-weather protection allowing for long-lasting performance reliability. A stable operating movement is maintained due to the quality of the bottom rails and the top tracks using telescoping top roller assemblies.

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Bi-Parting Hangar Door Systems

The bi-parting configuration of our bottom rolling hangar doors is the most popular and probably the style of hangar doors that comes to most people's mind. The doors open from the middle and can have anywhere from one section to seven door sections on each side. Each leading door section has an electric motor drive system that is mounted internally. The non-powered door sections are interconnected to the leading door section using a pick-up system. When open, the door sections stack in the two side corners of the hangar. Pocket space is determined by the number of sections, door thickness and cladding material.

Bottom Rolling

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Uni-Directional Hangar Door System

Instead of the door sections opening to each side like the bi-parting system, the unidirectional hangar door system opens in just one direction, either to the left or to the right. The door sections are controlled by an electric motor drive system that is mounted on the leading door section. One advantage this system can have over the bi-parting system is that only one corner is needed for pocket space vs two. One advantage this system has over the traditional bi-parting door system is less side room requirement- only one pocket is required vs two.

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"Smart Rail" Hangar Door System

The Smart Rail system provides the ultimate flexibility in hangar door design with the door sections being able to stack anywhere-all left, all right, bi-part from center or partially open. The benefit to this system is you are able to allow smaller aircraft to enter/exit the hangar without having to move other aircraft. The Smart Rail system also does not require any pocket space because there is no defined stacking point.

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Smart Rail

Independently Operated Hangar Door System

Each door section is independently operated.

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