Door Engineering has developed numerous integrated, pre-engineered components, which are the building blocks for specialty door systems. Aperture door systems commonly consist of a three-part system where part of the plane’s fuselage (main body of the aircraft) and tail are exposed on the exterior of the hanger. Door Engineering can provide several, custom fabricated aperture designs to meet your specific project requirements, whether designed for single or multiple fuselage profiles.

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The Aperture Door system is designed to fit and meet your specific application. Fixed, manual and automatic adjusting panels are available. Flexibility ensures the perfect fit all the time, every time.

Advanced Design

Rotating aperture door panels allows up to three different aircraft to use the same hangar facility. The rotating aperture door (counterweighted) adjusts up, down and side to side providing the perfect seal at each fuselage profile. The closure door seals off the opening when the aperture door is not required.

Superior Performance

Much like Door Engineering’s other products, the aperture door system has a solid reputation and exemplifies excellence. A valuable benefit of this system is that it is power operated. The pressure-sensing panels automatically adjust to the fuselage’s position. The ease of operation is amazing. The free-floating, counterweighted panels move with the push of a finger. Designed for wind load and energy conservation requirements, this system also demonstrates impressive strength.

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