American Aero

  • Location: Texas
  • Installer: Dan's Overhead Doors & More

In restoring a historical building there are many things to take into consideration. One of those is maintaining the appearance of the building and keeping the new parts consistent with the original parts. This was particularly true when it came time to replace the doors on 2 hangars from 1929. It was very important to the owner that the new doors looked and functioned like the original hangar doors.

The building and original hangar doors had a lot of glazing,to be able to best match that we teamed up with Extech, Inc. Their polycarbonate windows were the ideal solution because they can match any historical design and are superior quality. The hangar originally had a tip-up door system so the customer wanted the new doors to be a tip-up as well to maintain historical authenticity. Due to the size of the opening, 120'-0" x 30'-0", our TP600 (power Tip-Up with six track system) was used. One of the hangars required additional access to the hangar so a pass door and vehicle door were incorporated into our Tip-Up door.