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Whether you are looking for new doors or looking to enhance the safety of your current doors, Door Engineering has solutions to fit your fire station.

Door Engineering and Manufacturing has been providing customized industrial, commercial, aviation and specialty door solutions for 50 years. Our experienced team will ensure superior engineering and design as well as quick and seamless installation.


Interior Presence Sensor

Our interior presence sensors detect objects approaching from the interior and will prevent the door from closing when obstructed.

The IS40P is available for doors up to 14' tall and offers a single field to sense objects on the interior side of the door.

The LZR-WIDESCAN, available for doors up to 30' tall and offers three (3) independent safety fields which scan the open path, close path and safety zone of the door.

Telco SG13 Light Curtain

Light Curtain Photo Eyes

Provide continuous protection from the floor to 72" in height to sense both objects and personnel near the floor as well as higher clearance vehicles such as fire apparatus. This sensor is designed to mount closer to the panel face for better protection near the doors' path of travel.

Hinge Guard Interior 1 0 copy copy

Hinge Guards

Polycarbonate Hinge Guards limit access to the hinge gap at each jamb and alert personnel to keep the area clear.

Safety Edges black 1by1

Monitored Electric Safety Edges

Reverses door upon contact with obstructions at the lead edge.

FF300 Glazed

Our Portfolio of Four-Fold Doors

See our main product page for all of the configurations and features available for four-fold door systems!

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