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Craneway Doors

Craneway doors are designed for efficient access of overhead cranes and their loads. Craneway doors are hinged at the top of the header and swing up and in, allowing the crane to pass under it.


Typical designs include a hinged upward acting swing door for passage of the bridge crane and swinging or bottom rolling load doors below. Craneway Doors can be manufactured in sizes up to 125’ W x 30+’ H. Flexibility is offered in the sliding material choice used to cover the door section.

Advanced Design

Due to the system’s elevation, this product is built resilient against strong wind loads. Secure operating movement is assured.

Superior Performance

Most apparent in design is Door Engineering’s capability to provide a custom fit around the crane rail. This product is fabricated from structural steel sections and cold formed steel girts. The heavy duty cables and double drive operator chains increase safety when top door section is lifted. An automatic magnetic brake holds door in open position, and the automatic latching lock arms brace the door when closed. The panels are notched around the crane rails and include adjustable seals to effectively seal to the building.

Whether your door systems are standard or unique, our technical sales team, skilled designers and certified installers will ensure quality from illustration to installation.