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Top Hung Sliding Door

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Top Hung Sliding Door

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Top Hung Sliding Door

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Top Hung Sliding

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Door Engineering’s Top Hung Sliding door system offers multiple configurations including bi-parting, teleslide (mult-panel) and single slide. Interior and exterior mounting is available to meet any design specifications. The large selection of finishing options such as stainless steel, plastic laminate, glass or grill, and the standard rust-inhibitive primer are available, while vision lites, security devices, track covers and monorail notch options are also available to increase design compatibility.

Advanced Design

Door Engineering’s door systems come field-ready resulting in less installation time. Due to the sophisticated design, the electric safety edge with wireless technology eliminates draped wiring across the panels. A manual, pull cord or fully programmable power operation are also available. These doors are designed for the highest levels of integrity and durability.

Large doors and/or high load applications call for a heavy duty tube frame panel with standard 14ga sheeting. Tube frame doors can be filled with a variety of insulation materials for superior energy efficiency.

Superior Performance

The performance of this door system is unmatched with its solid reputation and tradition of excellence. This is an American Metal Door product, which for years was among the leaders in design, technology and patents. American Metal Door is now a division of Door Engineering and Manufacturing. This door system offers impressive strength, designed to meet heavy traffic, continuous operations, wind loads and energy conservation requirements.