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For The Architects

From understanding your requirements, to the installation of your system, Door Engineering has the flexibility to fit within your design specifications and give your project the unique look you’ve envisioned. We understand and value the importance of reliability, as demonstrated in both our products and relationships.

Project consultation, specification assistance and drawings are always available with our team of skilled designers and technical support.

Door systems are custom designed and built by experienced Door Engineering employees who care about providing a high quality door system. Your system will be overseen by one of our nationwide, certified professionals to ensure code compliancy. Support is available at anytime before, during and after your experience with Door Engineering.

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Interested in Continuing Education Credits?

Door Engineering & Manufacturing offers AIA/CES Registered Programs: Understand Four-Fold Door Systems and Bottom Rolling Hangar Door Basics. Through these programs, you will have the opportunity to enhance your knowledge of door systems, while earning AIA/CES Continuing Ed credits. You will learn to identify industries and projects that are applicable to a Four-Fold door system or a Bottom Rolling hangar door system. Each course is worth one (1) LU.

Both of our programs are available in either a Lunch and Learn format or as Distance Learning. Contact us to schedule your next meeting, or for more information, please email or call (800) 959-1352.

Green Building/ LEED Certification

Door Engineering and Manufacturing understands the importance of energy efficient and eco-friendly building. If you are interested or if your project requires LEED documentation, please contact us, and we will provide any requested information.

Cost Comparison: Conventional Overhead Door vs. Four-Fold Door

Description Conventional Overhead Door Four-Fold Door
  Fact Cost over 15 year lifetime Fact Cost over 15 year lifetime
Replacement Springs Replace after 500 cycles $3,000 None $0
Rollers and Hinges Replace every 5 years $1,500 None $0
Bottom sections after collision Based on 1 collision over lifetime $2,400 None, fully visible operation eliminates collisions $0
Preventative Maintenance Done 2x a year $15,000 Lubricate hinges 1x a year $1,500
Operator Maintenance Done every 2 years $1,875 Done every 5 years $750
Operator Replacement Replace after 10 to 15 years $1,500 Designed for 30+ years $0
Initial Cost of 14x14 door   $7,000   $25,000
Total Cost over 15 years   $32,275   $27,250
*Estimated costs include parts & labor based on 20,000 cycles per year.